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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

  1. What category of furniture is it?
  • NEW Furniture is newly manufactured, special ordered and customized to your specifications. (color, fabric, dimensions)
  • USED Furniture is gently used, in good working order and in the original owner’s colors and dimensions.
  • REFURBISHED Furniture is used parts that are re-painted, re-upholstered and otherwise rebuilt to your custom specifications. (color, fabric, dimensions)


  1. What if it arrives damaged?
  • NEW furniture should be in excellent condition without visible defects or flaws. We will happily repair or replace any item that is defective or damaged. The manufacturer’s warranty will apply.
  • USED furniture will not be perfect. However, it should be usable and in clean condition with all parts functioning and free of significant defect. Please report any unacceptable condition issues within 5 days of delivery; we will happily repair or replace it with a similar item. Claims after that time will be subject to labor and materials costs.
  • REFURBISHED furniture should be in very good condition with fresh materials, all parts should be functioning and free of defect. However, it too will not be perfect. Please report any unacceptable condition issues within 5 days of delivery; we will happily repair or replace it with a similar item. Claims after that time will be subject to labor and materials costs.
  1. What if I selected the wrong size or color, can I return it?
  • NEW and REFURBISHED items, special ordered specifically for you, are not refundable.
  • With a Warehouse of Fixtures Manager’s approval, we may accept returns and/or exchanges of NEW furniture, less the cost of Delivery/Installation/Pick up, with a restocking fee of 25%. The item(s) must be in sellable condition. The original manufacturer’s policies will apply.
  • USED furniture can be returned, less the cost of Delivery/Installation/Pick up, with a 25% restocking fee for a refund within 5 days of purchase.


  1. How is Delivery & Installation estimated?
  • Details of the site conditions are key to an accurate estimate of your costs. Quotes are based on the information provided and the type of furniture being installed:
  • Does the building have a loading dock? Where is the entry? Are there any stairs?
  • Is there room for the truck or tractor trailer?
  • Is there a freight elevator?
  • Is there a dumpster on site for garbage disposal? Is there adequate staging space?
  • Are protective floor coverings needed?
  • Is the building Union or Non-Union?
  • Is the work being done during regular hours, overtime or weekend hours?


  1. What if I want to do it myself?
  • If you would like to pick up and/or install your purchase yourself, you are welcome to do so. However, we recommend professional installation and will not honor any warranty on self-installs. Warehouse of Fixtures is not responsible for missing parts, damage or defect for self-installs. Service calls will be charged labor and materials and will be scheduled at our discretion.
  1. What do I need to have ready?
  • Over runs or delays due to any of the following will be charged labor and materials.
  • Access to the dock, garage door or other entry must be uninterrupted and free of obstruction.
  • Access to elevator(s) and/or stairway must be dedicated and free of obstruction. Area must be clear of furniture, contents and other vendors (painters, carpet layers, etc.) All renovations or construction, including carpet and painting, must be complete.
  • Any necessary power strips and cable/phone patch cords should be on hand.
  • For powered workstations, your electrician must connect the “whips” to the building power source.
  • Please keep staff out of the area until work is completed.
  • A decision-maker should be available to sign off on completion of the job.


  1. What if I change my mind?
  • Please review your layout drawing carefully; your Purchase Order or signed Quote is approval of the final layout. We are happy to accommodate minor changes during installation; however, those changes will incur additional labor and materials charges, and will be subject to scheduling availability.


  1. What about all the details?
  • For sizable projects, the Salesperson or Lead Installer will inspect the project after installation, creating a “punch list” of items to be corrected. Punch lists are usually corrected in 7 to 10 business days. Anything that impedes your staffs’ ability to work will be addressed as quickly as possible.
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